Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cardmaking, Stamping & Papercraft is now in COLES!!

Hi everyone,

I'm a tad excited as the cardmaking magazine that I'm very passionate about and that I luckily work as the technical editor on, is on sale in Coles stores this issue 14-8!!! YEAH. I got some poor lady walking past to take a photo of a very excitable me holding the magazine. I think most of the people in the store walked pass, smiled or giggled, one woman said "you must be very proud" she had no idea!!

Anyway back to Stampabit and what's happening in store. I shall post a photo of Jenny's Dimensional Butterfly class soon and we also have my first technique class coming up this Saturday (chalk popping technique), we will have more info on this very soon.

Sorry for the lack of correspondence, and lack of links for the Newsletter and Workshops schedule. I'm trying to get organised for my classes over in New Zealand soon! what an exciting year!!

Cheers for now


Bridget Larsen said...

Pardon my ignorance but what does a technical editor do? Yay for CSP being sold at Coles,now I'll have to shop from them once a month when the mag comes out

Sue Smith said...

oooohhh, that is exciting!!! and teaching in NZ - so excited for you, what an opportunity!


Hi Jane
oh wow I'm sure it will sell better in there rather then just in the newsagents.I haven't seen it in Darwin yet.I'll look next time I do the groceries though